Thursday, December 20, 2012

ooVoo Online

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     You may have heard of this new method of communication commonly referred to as video chatting, video chatting is basically when to people chat via internet using their computers and webcams in the same manner you would as if you had the person right in front of you. This video chatting technology has been in development over a decade now and their have been many various providers along the way, at the beginning it used to be very expensive with very poor quality. But now you can get ooVoo instantly for free and video chat with your friends and family with no charges, fees or anything regardless of their location in relation to you. I mean you can talk to someone from around the world as you would with your neighbor for free in both cases. The software you are about to download knows now distance boundaries, and offers as steady connection that other video chat services don't come close to even the ones that costs a lot of money. This software works completely for free out of the box, there is little or no experience required to operate it even my mother can do it! And I mean it literally, I usually call my mother with ooVoo when I am on business trips or away from home she might not know how to operate the dvd player but she does know how to use ooVoo. The main idea behind this amazing software is bringing people together, you are able to talk to someone over the internet as if they were right in front of you with no video or audio delay. This is the kind of thing we dreamt of as little kids watching Star Trek and all those sci-fi movies, now its real and its free. This software is amazing for cutting down on phone bills especially on those long distance calls, you might find yourself using ooVoo more than you use your phone in no time. Think about it, how many hours do you spend in front of your computer daily? For me I spend most of my day in front of the computer working and this software allows me to pickup calls without distracting myself too much from my work, also it allows me to have video chat meetings with clients or future clients with no hassle. There is soo many people using ooVoo these days you'd be amazed that half of your friends are probably already using it, now its your turn to get your hands on this freeware. Don't let other people fool you or sell any kind of video chatting software to you, this is the best software and its free.

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